melancholy me

Melancholy strikes...

01. Que Emocion
02. Lover I Don't Have to Love
03. Gues I'm Doing Fine
04. Science vs. Romance
05. 3 Inch Horses Two Faced Monsters
06. Silent Sigh
07. Bukowski
08. Tomorrow Comes Today
09. The Execution of All Things
10. The Golden Age
11. Heart Cooks Brain
12. Cocoon
13. City Rain, City Streets
14. Lost Cause
15. Try Your Wings
16. Yumejis Theme
Omara Portuono
Bright Eyes
Rilo Kiley
Modest Mouse
Badly Drawn Boy
Modest Mouse
Rilo Kiley
Modest Mouse
The Decemberists
Ryan Adams
Blossom Dearie

01. Long December
02. Trouble
03. Absence of God
04. I Eat Dinner
05. Madonna
06. Gray Street
07. Perfect Blue Buildings
08. Currently
09. I Haven't Been Me
10. Holy Diver
11. Reason Why
12. Cold Water
13. Chet Baker's Unsung Swan Song
14. Bad as They Seem
15. Mon Petit Vieux
16. Such Great Heights
Counting Crows
Rilo Kiley
Rufus Wainwright
Dave Matthew Band
Counting Crows
Keaton Simons
Once Blue
Kid Lightning
Rachael Yamagata
Damien Rice
David Wilcox
The Postal Service