Random Mixes

Year of the Cock (or Happy 2005)

I got this CD from Saff before she left for her Grand Adventure in the UK. I'd like to think that while facing all the stresses accompanying studying abroad, making this cd was a soothing process for her. This mix kept me sane at the office during one of our many Sunday night software upgrades. I regrouped with Calculation Theme or This is the Sound a Heart Makes When Its Breaking and prepared to get back into gear with We R in Need of a Revolution or The Storm is Coming. Oh, and the titillating title got me a few raised eyebrows at work.



01. The Storm is Coming
02. I Don't Dream
03. In Particular
04. Special Cases
05. Tech Romance
06. The Crystal Lake
07. Unemployed in Summertime
08. Calculation Theme
09. Wake Up
10. Test Transmission
11. No Cities Left
12. Tool Sheds + Hot Tubs
13. Soft Revolution
14. We R In Need of a Revolution
15. Hit the City
16. This is the Sound A Heart Makes When It's Breaking
Ed Harcourt
Tom McRae
Blonde Redhead
Massive Attack
Her Space Holiday
Emiliana Torrini
Arcade Fire
The Dears
Straylight Run
Mark Lanegan
Harper Lee
Connect | Disconnect

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To the Class of 2006...

Our cousin, who is THE source of C-Pop music, once mentioned he rarely listened to American music (insert gasp). When he invited us to his high school graduation--which coincided with our ten year high school reunion--it made for an opportunity to introduce him to mainstream American music...well, sorta. Times may have changed, but the rituals and rites of passage that comes with graduating remains constant (read: embarassing family member, represent!). Note: I didn't think to ask ahead of time his school mascot (which turned out to be bulldog) and vaguely recall downloading Baha Men's Who Let The Dogs Out? to play while he went to pick up his fake diploma.
01. Celebration
02. Light & Day
03. So Alive
04. Revoluiton
05. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
06. My Old Friend
07. This Time of Year
08. Bittersweet Symphony
09. Chasing Cars
10. Cold Truth
11. Custom Concern
12. Thinking About Tomorrow
13. Cartwheels
14. Pure Imagination
15. Blackbird
Cool & The Gang
Polyphonic Spree
Ryan Adams
The Beatles
Green Day
Tim McGraw
Better Than Ezra
The Verve
Snow Patrol
The Guggenheim Grotto
Modest Mouse
Beth Orton
The Reindeer Section
Adam Levine (Maroon 5)
The Beatles