Under the Covers

Who doesn't love a good cover version of a great song? This CD swap is all about covers - songs performed by someone other than the original artist.

I'm always curious as how an artist or band interprets a cover song: will I hate the interpretation because it sounds too much like karaoke? Or will I prefer the cover to the original? Regardless, with a cover song, you can always sing along when you know the chorus (term borrowed from Saff).



01. Mercy Mercy Me -The Strokes, Eddie Vedder & Josh Homme (Marvin Gaye)
02. Badfish/Boss DJ
- Jack Johnson (Sublime)
03. Faith -The Boy Least Likely To (George Michael)
04. Love is Strange - Everything But the Girl (Mickey & Silvia: Dirty Dancing OST)
05. Soul Meets Body - Rose Polenzani (Death Cab for Cutie)
06. Straight Out of Compton - Nina Gordon (NWA)
07. Dramamine - Sun Kil Moon (Modest Mouse)
08. Wicked Game - Giant Drag (Chris Isaac)
09. My Winding Wheel - Adam Duritz, Immergluck & Friends (Ryan Adams)
10. I Think It's Going to Rain Today - David Wilcox (Randy Newman)
11. Hoppipolla - We Are Scientists (Sigur Ros)
12. Seven Nation Army - Vyvienne Long (The White Stripes)
13. Guns of Brixton - Nouvelle Vague (The Clash)
14. God Only Knows - David Bowie (The Beach Boys)
15. The Origin of Love - Rufus Wainwright (John Cameron Mitchell: Hedwig & The Angry Inch OST)
16. Heartbeats - Jose Gonzalez (The Knife)
17. Pure Imagination - Adam Levine (Gene Wilder: Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory OST)
18. At Last - Christina Aguilera (Etta James)
19. Watermark - Petra Hayden (Enya)
I've Seen Them In Concert

This mix is for you to show off all the musicians/bands you've seen in concert. Create a setlest of 12 plus tracks of any act you've seen live. Please limit to 1-2 songs by the same artist and special props if you can include the live version of the song.

The setlist was done chronogically so yes, I was a boy band fan (if you must know my favorite was Jordan). And while I haven't seen either Damien Rice or Ryan Adams perform live, I've compiled a large enough collection of their boots that it feels as though I've been to a show. I can only say: my taste in music has improved.
01. Step By Step
02. Desperately Wanting
03. Say It Ain't So
04. Bulletproof
05. Eye of the Hurricane
06. Gentle Hum
07. I Do
08. Denim Blue
09. Goodbye December
10. Human Remains
11. Meet Me By The Water
12. Joan
13. All My Days
14. Mas
15. Amie
16. Oh My Sweet Carolina
New Kids on the Block
Better than Ezra
Rilo Kiley
David Wilcox
Finn Brothers
Chris Seefried
Kid Lightning
Tom McRae
Rachael Yamagata
Butch Walker
Alexi Murdoch
Damien Rice
Ryan Adams
[no bootleg available]
Studio B - New Orleans 9/22/06
Troubador, CA 7/30/06
Black Cat, Wash. DC 7/30/03
GAMH, CA 3/16/03
Avalon, CA 7/14/04
Hotel Cafe, CA 12/20/04
Hotel Cafe, CA 3/24/04
Hotel Cafe, CA 3/24/04
Hotel Cafe, CA 9/24/04
Crocodile Cafe, TX 6/28/04
Hotel Cafe, CA 12/19/05
Cactus Cafe, TX 8/29/03
KEPX Yule Benefit, OR 12/16/03
HFT, CA 10/04/03
Malmo, Sweeden 04/24/01
Scavenger Hunt

When you sign up for this swap, you need to make a list of 20 words. Then your partner will find at least 15 songs. Each song will have at least one of the words in it. The word does not have to be a part of the title, but it does need to be in the song.

I was aiming not to have the words selected be in the song title, but due to time constraints (cd length, deadline to mail out), the last three words that gave me difficulty made up the cover art (this could also be the name of a band perhaps?).

01. Godspell
02. Everything I Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right
03. Some of Us
04. Sunset Soon Forgotten
05. The World Spins Madly On
06. The Moth
07. Lilybelle
08. Deliver Me
09. Quiet
10. Magic Trick
11. What's Wrong is Right
12. From Which I Came/A Magic World
13. Love Mode
14. Say Hello
15. Slow Like Honey
16. Stay
17. Calculation Theme
18. Drone
19. Jack In the Box

20. Breathe

The Cardigans
The Decemberists
Iron & Wine
The Weepies
Aimee Mann
The Geraldine Fibbers
Tom McRae
Rachael Yamagata
M Ward
The Willowz
The Eels
Rosie Thomas
Fiona Apple
David Garza
Elysian Fields