way mixed up

Can't remember when these cds were handed over, but I can say I've listened to them lots. Entitled Cathy's Way Mixed Up and Annie's Mixed Up Too, these were the cds that accompanied me on the ride home from work. The Gossip's Fire Sign was what I blasted as I zipped out of the parking structure, Franz Ferdinand's Take Me Out played as I wove through traffic along Interstate 5 and Self's What A Fool Believes with the funky homemade instruments kept me entertained by the railroad tracks on Imperial Highway.

For a change of pace, I'd put on Night Life and listen to Willie Nelson's cute twang, or if I wanted to chill, I'd skip to Modest Mouse's Dramamine. Cat Power's "hey, hey, hey's" in He War played if I skipped the 105 and exited Firestone giving me the perfect amount of time to listen to either Custom Concern ("Got to go to work, got to have a job....") or Dreams as I backed up the driveway.

The listening rotation got way mixed up when the commute time and distance was doubled but I made damn good time home with these cds.

Printing on cds: nice!

Cathy's Way Mixed Up

01. Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key.
02. Speak for Me.....
03. The Shadowlands
04. Wild Pack of Family Dogs
05. It's Enough
06. Night Life
07. Venus
08. Buick City Complex
09. It Was a Crime I Never Told You About the Diamonds...
10. Dramamine
11. Political Scientist
12. He War
13. Family Tree
14. One More Hour
15. It's True That We Love One Another
16. Custom Concern
17. Dreams
Billy Bragg & Wilco
Cat Power
Ryan Adams
Modest Mouse
Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson
Old 97s
Black Heart Procession
Modest Mouse
Ryan Adams
Cat Power
Ben Kweller
The White Stripes
Modest Mouse
Fleetwood Mac

Sheep are so f-ing cute!

Annie's Mixed Up Too

01. Fire Sign
02. Hospital Bed
03. English Girls Approximately
04. Tiny Cities Made of Ashes
05. Take Me Out
06. Good Things
07. Designs on You
09. What a Fool Believes
10. Broke
11. How Do I Relax
12. Mystery Girl
13. In Other Words
14. Using Our Feet
15. Thin Walls
16. Wonderwall
17. How Can You Mend a Broken Heart
The Gossip
Ben Kweller
Ryan Adams
Modest Mouse
Franz Ferdinand
Sleater Kinney
Old 97s
Ugly Cassanovas
Modest Mouse (live)
Butter 08
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Ben Kweller
Badly Drawn Boy
Modest Mouse
Ryan Adams
Al Green