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February 08, 2009

SCIBA (Food Porn)

I can't resist. The dinner for tonight's SCIBA gala looked a little like:

And dessert was:

Swag was given, but there area few smaller ones that I garnered that's worthwhile:
click for Flickr notes.

It's always fun meeting authors, but I tend to be a little neurotic around them (it does not help that at the events, there is often libation, ahem). But I am absolutely certain there is one author that I am overlooking, that has written something stunning or funny or touching and I've no clue to their Awesomeness.

It's guaranteed 100%.

An exciting evening all in all, and it was nice of Mother Nature to hold off the downpour until the festivities were through. Zipping home w/o traffic in 30 minutes, it started to POUR.

Maybe I'll fold a paper boat tomorrow and send it sailing through the puddles...

Posted by Cathy at February 8, 2009 12:38 AM