November 22, 2005

iPod Covers

ipod cover

After one year and barely 10GB of music, my iPod started wigging out. I took advantage of the Apple Warranty and sent my pod to bootcamp for a repair of sorts. Sadly, my scratched up and dinged pod and all the music loaded onto it never returned. But I got over this rather quickly when I saw the bright and shiny, like new but most likely refurbished, iPod in the DHL package.

I decided to treat this iPod much nicer by getting a cover to prevent from scratches and the likelihood of me being clutzy enough to drop it. A quick visit to Target left me unimpressed:the iPod covers were both ugly and expensive. So I stopped by JoAnn's to ransack their remnant fabrics and crafted my own iPod case.

For inspiration, I headed over to Savvy Seams, which has a DIY section on crafting your own iPod/MP3 player (not to mention other cute stuff!). The patterns are awesome, but I have to put up with a tempermental sewing machine with tension issues and I'm lazy (but with perfectionistic tendencies). So I opted to create my own template of sorts, something that follows the brown paper sack method of easy sewing--sew the raw edges and turn out. Voila!

Posted by Annie at November 22, 2005 05:16 AM