June 17, 2006

Guitar Pick Earrings - How To

Guitar pick earrings are cute AND easy to make. Really.

The Basic Assembly:

*You can subsitute clip on posts for the hook-eye earring

The trickier part--besides trying to figure out the bead(s)/pick color combination--is assembling the bead(s) onto the wire. Since I've a Type-A/Perfectionist personality, the wire wrapping of the beads had to be just so. I got more information about the technique from a really cool and photo intensive jewelry making site.

I made a couple of tester pieces until I felt comfortable in assemblying the beads onto the wire. Then it was go go go from there...well, almost. Y had to make a stop at the Bead Source in Arcadia for some pretty beads (Buyer beware: too many colors!) and I had to find a small hand drill (for wood working) in order to create the holes in the picks. Once all the pieces have been assembled...

guitar pick earrings

Posted by Annie at June 17, 2006 12:39 PM