March 2004

This fan site for Jude was created way back in 1999 when I was a burgeoning graphic design student who liked playing about on the computer doing layouts and tinkering with html. Through the years, this site has undergone numerous changes in appearance including one stupid fiasco and the withstanding of endlessly annoying pop ups and tacky banner ads. Since then, I've experimented with html, learned about the frustrations of platform compatibility and gained an appreciation for truly simple and cleanly designed pages (which is easier said than done). I've also met individuals who I've chatted with online, the experience which, being a pessimist, left me curiously optimistic. I've still lots to learn but I've found the perfect way to blend my love of computers with the enjoyment of good great music.

So, hey, thanks for visiting, and, in the words of Abba (don't knock 'em) thank you for the music.

Technical Stuff:
Hardware: PowerMac G4/8500, Dell
Software: Movable Type 2.66, Dreamweaver 3.0, 1.0
Netscape 5.0, 7.0
Internet Explorer 5.0, 6.0

HTML, css, javascript How Tos:
Learning Movable Type
The JavaScript Source

Audio/Video How Tos:
QuickTime Tutorials
How to stream a QuickTime Movie

Layout & Design Inspiration:
Movable Type

Bear with headphones photo courtesy of Stock.xchng and Jorge Alejandro Preciado (medialab)

Online fans met thus far: 10

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