October 20, 2006

Recipes from Momma Lin

Getting the Family Recipe for dumplings from our dear mother was like pulling teeth. Mom was willing to share, it's just...well, she's of the philosophy that recipes shouldn't be set in stone but altered to accommodate the circumstance.

Here we are trying to get down the gist of the ingredients and the entire mixing procedure when Mom tells us of the way she learned to test the ingredients: by taking a lick of raw meat. Listen for the full 3 seconds of silence when we pose the question of whether or not she's had a meat mixture that's too wet. No, never.

Duh. Mom's recipe rocks.

My Little Dumplings

ps. you'll hear three voices on the audio. mom's, annie's (doing the interviewing) and cathy's (chiming in to ask the stumper question). deeper voice = cathy, higher voice = annie. revealing twin secrets here, y'all.

And a video on the art of dumpling skin rolling:

Posted by Cathy at October 20, 2006 07:06 PM